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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 10pm  CW  November 9, 2010 10:00pm-10:30pm PST

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one of several run ins with you're watching cbs 5 on the cw. >> get me the hell out of here. >> attacked while walking her dog. one of several run-ins with raccoons. what dogs are doing to insight those attacks. it wasn't any pressure to get standing before we came to the gym. >> change is coming for a women's only gym. why after years this gym will be bringing in men. and women might not bebe able to wrap their brains around this, the monthly as a miracle? how that time of the month could cure disease. good evening. i'm dana king. >> i'm ken bastida. it started last summer, people out walking their dogs in one city, attacked by a pack of raccoons. latest attack happened sunday night at washington park at central avenue and 8th street in alameda.
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robert lisles with what could be behind the aggressive behavior. robert? >> well, when you hear about a raccoon attack, especially in a park, the first thought is a rabid animal, but vector droll tells us rabies is not behind 99 vicious attacks here on the island of alameda. in fact, what we're told is those raccoons will take down the owners who get in the way. >> it was a terrifying experience. >> reporter: she knows to look over her shoulder for men who lurk in the dark, but she was totally unprepared. >> two eyes that were around these trees. >> reporter: it was a raccoon out for blood. >> get me the hell out of here. >> reporter: but it was more than one raccoon with a thirst for blood. >> the first raccoon started running after us and four others dropped out of these trees and started chasing us down the block. i fell down around that tree
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over there, i was on the ground, my dog's fighting off four of the five raccoons, one of themes a latched onto my leg, i'm screaming help me, help me at the top of my lungs. >> reporter: vector control says the real target was 20-pound border terrier dugy. >> they sometimes attack and kill small cats and dogs and eat them. >> reporter: in fact, since june 14th, 9 small dogs and seven humans have been bitten by raccoons. >> they can get into groups of eight to ten sometimes. >> reporter: the problem? too much food outside. >> uncovered garbage in the larger dumpsters where the lids are wide open. >> reporter: it's allowed the raccoon population to explode. >> they associate humans with calories, and they can get aggressive. >> are you worried? >> yeah. i'm definitely worried. i will be carrying pepper spray with me at night. >> reporter: whatever you do.
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>> one thing would be not to run. that can trigger an attack instinct in the animal. >> well, he's recommending not to run, they also recommend that you've heard the phrase speak softly and carry a big stick. if you're going to walk a small dog on the streets, vector control says you want to keep the barking at a minimum, and if you see an aggressive raccoon, you're going to need that big stick. vector control also tells us that raccoons hate water. so if they become aggressive, spray them with a garden hose. they'll likely run away. >> so that woman who was attacked, the animal broke her skin. does she have to have rabies shots? >> she, in fact, does have to have rabies shots. if they are unable to locate the raccoon after that attack, you have to have a full round of rabies shots, that includes up to eight shots in the deltoid muscle over a one-month period. >> that's going to be worse than being attacked by a raccoon i
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think. all right. thank you. well, 24 hours after oakland police shot and killed a suspect, tonight, two very different descriptions of the man involved. officers say he was a violent parolee, but family and friends say he was a caring guy. officers shot and killed the man on trask street after authorities say he beat up a woman. how police are defending their actions. >> reporter: east oakland friends and family members of derrick jones, d.d. as they called him, want some answers. >> he doesn't do anything to nobody. >> reporter: the 37-year-old owner of this barber shop on bancroft avenue, and father of a baby girl is dead at the hands of oakland police officers. investigators say someone called 911 at 9:30 last night after a woman claimed she'd been beaten by a man. when officers arrived, they tried to arrest jones, but jones took off running. police say they ordered him to stop, but he kept going.
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finally, he made it to a fence, but his clothes got caught on the top. >> he turned around and placed his hands down towards his waistband. the entire time, the officers are yelling. >> reporter: police say they knew jones was a parolee, and they saw something metal in his hand, so they opened fire, killing jones. but dit investigators ever find a weapon? >> was the suspect armed? >> as i said, i'm not going to get into whether the suspect had a weapon yet. >> reporter: jones' family believes he was unarmed. >> what did you see him do to make you believe he had a gun in his hands? if you're a professional, you shouldn't be able to de-- >> they could have used a billy club. they didn't have to shoot him that many times in his back. >> reporter: mayor ron dellums offered sympathy to the jones family tonight and supports the full investigation into the shooting. in oakland, cbs 5.
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>> 16 people arrested, a ton literally, a ton of pot confiscated, and a number of ak14s also seized part of a bust of what cops call a violent bay area gang. they're called the insan viet thugs. agents raided more than a dozen neighborhoods, including this one in freemont. the alleged leader, a 21-year-old nicknamed piggy is among those in custody. law enforcement also confiscated ecstasy and $100,000 in cash. officers say that the gang specialized in driveby shootings, particularly against rivals. >> their main purpose was to avoid working for a living and to intimidate and commit assaultsen other individuals. >> officers say that almost all of the gang's third members were asian, although there were a few latino and black members. they're all due in court on
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friday. president obama is in the air right now, heading to south cra. that after wrapping up a quick trip to the country that he once called home. while in indonesia, the president and first lady visited the largest mosque in southeast asia, and then in a speech at indonesia university, president obama acknowledged that u.s. relations are still frayed with the islamic world, despite his efforts. >> no single speech can eradicate years of mistrust. we can choose to be defined by our differences and give in to a future of suspicion and mistrust. or we can choose to do the hard work of forging common ground and commit ourselves to the steady pursuit of progress. >> the president lived in indonesia for four years when he was a child. he told the crowd today that indonesia is a part of him. but in indonesia, this is one of the most talked about moments of the obamas' visit, the first
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lady shaking hands with the information minister. he's -- he reached with both hands to grasp hers but now claims that she forced their contact. that moment sparked a landslide of comments on twitter and facebook from indonesians who noted the exchange. we have learned that state senator leland yee will be running for mayor of san francisco. sources tell us that yee will make that announcement tomorrow. yee's spokesman had no official comment tonight. this makes yee the first candidate to throw his hat into the ring for next november's election. gaven newsom leaves office in january. the board of supervisors will name an interim mayor. well, the pg&e executive in charge of smart meters has been suspended after admitting using
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a make name to gain access to an antismart meter drugs group. he says that he was only trying to understand the opponents' point of view, but opponents say that he was trying to find out what they were up to. pg&e says that it's launched an investigation into his actions. no men allowed. it was a selling point for a local gym and now the facility is going coed against what the people who work out there want. we see why a women's gym is about to become -- welcome rather members of the opposite sex. >> reporter: no men allowed, one big reason why kathy's health club in pleasanton is so popular. >> it was a lady's gym, and it wasn't any pressure to get skinny before we came to the gym. >> it's just girls, so you don't have to worry about anything. >> like? >> like looking like your best, oh, my god.
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i don't want this to become like gross, working out. >> this is my dream. >> reporter: cathy barty wanted to do something just for woman, so she took over the spot once owned by actress linda evens. but in the fast few years, she lost more than a third of her membership. >> the economy, rent, the overhead of renting the gym, it's very expensive. >> reporter: in december, the coed gold's gym is taking over. many members are not happy. >> if i'm going to wear my old sloppy sweats, i don't want to be having a guy watch me. >> reporter: the new owners will bring in state-of-the-art equipment, promise to honor existing members' contracts and, of course, bring in male members. a women's only gym isn't just about being shy near men. in some cultures, working out with the opposite sex is forbidden. >> we have a big muslim group that comes, and so they need to
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be with women only, and i'm very proud that we can, you know, give that to them. i'm just heartsick that this is happening. i really am. >> reporter: the club was particularly comforting for vivian jordan. >> why older daughter died two years ago, and those women saw me through a really rough period in my life. >> reporter: female bonding will have to move to the one remaining club in san reloan. well, it's time for men to grow it out and show some pride. this is the month of the moustache. but it's more than a fashion statement. an important message for men's health. and being stranded on a cruise ship doesn't sound like a bad idea, does it? but that is before the tug boats arrive. highs today across the bay area, between 58 and 66 and still a few lingering showers.
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the effect this will have on your wednesday.
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the moment you feel run down or achy nip flu-like symptoms in the bud, with oscillococcinum. get oscillo and feel like yourself again. oscillococcinum, nip it in the bud. some rock and roll history went up in a lane today at san carlos warehouse. just before technique this morning, fire ripped through this facility. inside were musical instruments, paintings. young's reps say about 70% of what's left is salvageable. >> first of all, they were very thankful to the fire department that we saved the vast majority of mr. young's equipment, and a lot of his film material, the way that the firefighters took good care of a lot of material, and film. >> the damaged cars a 59
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lincoln converted into a biohide roelectric vehicle. he had hoped that it would be a model for the world's first affordable mass produced electric car. the total damage from the fire estimated at $1 million, no word on the cause. it comes once a month, and while women can't avoid it, there is a new reason to appreciate that gift from mother nature. it has the potential to some day cure diseases like alzheimer's and breast cancer. >> reporter: stem cells, the future of medicine, with the potential to cure just about everything. but it's a little more complicated than donating a vile of -- vial of blood. the best kinds of stem cells come from embryos or from blood in theume billical -- umbilical cord. one company says the future of
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stem cells is in menstrual blood. >> there didn't seem to be any down side, risks associated with doing it, and there was a lot of up sides. >> reporter: dawn mcfadden bought into the company's claim that menstrual blood is a rupture source of stem cells that could be used for her or her family. it's called c.l., a kit for collecting blood, which is sent to a lab. for maker says its early research says it can regenerate brain cells. >> these are preliminary reports that we're looking at. >> reporter: an internationally renowned stem cell expert at the university of pennsylvania says there's not enough research on stem cells from the menstrual blood. >> the issue is how effective they're going to be. >> we're excited about the results. >> reporter: she's a spokesperson for cl. she was interviewed via skype.
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she was asked if it was fair to sell a product that's experimental. >> they know it's for the hope of the research that we're doing. we feel that there's a lot of application that we could use these cells in. >> reporter: for dawn, who has a family history of several diseases, including parkinson's, she likes investing in the future of science. >> to have something that could really cure some of these really serious diseases is phenomenal to me. >> reporter: she paid for a special introductory offer. dr. kim, cbs 5 health watch. a group of of moustached men have changed the name of this month from november to mo vember. it's a month-long challenge for men to grow a moustache for awareness of cancers affecting
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men. it becomes their ribbon of support for raising awareness and funds to fight prostate cancer. >> all right. where's yours? >> i had one for a few years, right wayne? >> let's go and take a look at the area tonight after we had high temperatures, 58 degrees, 66 degrees in gill roy and up to about 5:00 this evening, we had 31 hundredths of an inch of rain that was recorded in sant rosa. a smattering of hit and miss scattered light rain showers, but that's about it. it's all drying up. the bottom line, temperatures tonight with a blanket of clouds, not as cold as last night. into the 40s, and into the 50s. tomorrow morning as you head on out, a few clouds for the morning commute. official sunup at 643, and it looks like we will have a dry day. this is the disintegrating system as it banks up against the pacific northwest, the tail end just kind of hangs out over
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the northwestern section of the state, but not amounting to much. our drier air mass, we will have partly sunny skies tomorrow. 50s along the coast to low 60s in half moon bay. 62 degrees in san jose, down from the average high in the mid- and high 60s. otherwise, east bay numbers from the upper 50s. 64, 65, pleasanton and in brentwood, north of the golden gate bridge, upper 50s. singing around to american canyon. check this out, because once we got rid of those partly sunny skies, thursday's a transition day in which we have an offshore flow etis up and warmer conditions as we slide into the weekend. check out sunday, into the mid-70s inland, low 70s bay side, mid-60s at the coast that dry weather pattern will continue through tuesday, and that's when we'll be seeing sceneries like this.
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that's indicative of an offshore flow. he snapped that photograph for us. >> keep them coming. looks good. i know you're looking ahead to the weekend. >> i'm always thinking ahead. also, tonight, thousands of people stranded at sea on their way home. they are on board a cruise ship, that lost power yesterday off the mexican coast following a fire in the engine room. the rescue effort. runs the angerival cruise ship splendor is on its way back to california. tug boats reached the ship off the coast of mexico tuesday afternoon for the long tow to san diego. the journey is expected to take two days. the 4,500 passengers and crew members are fine but with no air conditioning, no hot water, no internet, and they're out of cellphone range. >> the passengers are being monitored closely. they're in good care and doing
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very well considering the circumstances. >> reporter: military helicopters delivered more than 10,000 pounds of supplies to the 952-foot ship from the u.s. carrier ronald reagan which is now nearby. power on this ship was cut monday by an engine-room fire, which was contained without anyone getting hurt. >> we do not have any details on what happened, and how the fire was caused. that is under investigation. >> reporter: the cruise started in los angeles and was sent to tour the mexican coast. it will be costly for carnival. they'll be refunding passengers who are now doubt ready for some dry land. cbs 5. we head back to other waters when we come back. the warriors are fighting the wailing wars. that's coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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gets the message. you may have seen it on shows or read about it on the internet, but that doesn't mean everybody gets the message. irwin in san francisco wants to know do countries still participate in whaling? that's tonight's good question.
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>> reporter: they are the earth's largest living breathing creatures, protected by an international ban on commercial hunting, get they continue to be killed by man. >> the actual number of whales that are allowed to be killed in the united states is 67, and the soviet union is about 150, greenland is somewhere in the neighborhood of 60 to 70. >> reporter: the antiwhaling group sea shepherd says whales are being legally harvested by indigenous tribes who are allowed under provisions of the international whaling commission agreement to hunt those animals are food. the problem he says is with the japanese fishing fleet, who've been accused of using a loop hole to kill whales under the guys of scientific research. >> they're trying to take a thousand whales every year with the idea that they're taking it under this provision that allowed them to do scientific
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research. >> reporter: his group has confronted the japanese fleet on numerous occasions, accusing them of whaling for profit, not science. >> in japan, on the fish market, a ton of a whale will sell for a quarter of a million dollars. >> i need your good questions. send them to me at a nba team nearly had a turk quarter tonight. one of the greatest players in the league's history passes away. we'll have that next.
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we gave it a more powerful duramax turbo diesel and allison transmission to help it move over 21,000 pounds. and then we gave it an advanced exhaust brake system, to help slow it down. saving wear and tear on your brakes. and on you.
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with a powertrain backed for 100,000 miles... introducing the new chevy silverado hd. our most powerful heavy duty ever. former usf great quintan daily passed away in this sleep yesterday. he was just 49 years old. bailey was a talented but troubled star in the late 70s.
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he pled guilty to assault of a nursing student in 1982. that combined with an ncaa investigation into whether he accepted money led to usf to shut down its basketball program. but the coach remembers the good times. >> some players are great in practice and not very good in the game. others go the opposite way. quintan was superb in practice and better in a game. when the lights were on, he came to play. >> the sharks duking it out with the duck said for the second time in ten days, final minute of overtime, blasts it from the blue line. the ducks beat the sharks 3-2 in overtime. too many penalties. too many! the pacers had a near perfect third-quarter tonight. indiana knocked down their first 20 shots, they scored 54 points, the most in a quarter since 1990. they blow the nuggets out,
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144-113. they were 20-20 in shots, and one player decides to take one more, and it missed. hello. don't shoot!
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